Our path
Mission and Values

Inclusion and social cohesion, networks and territories, local communities and generative welfare, rights and duties of citizenship… words with deep roots oriented to lead individuals and communities. Words can enable innovation and changing processes, creating rules and relationships between individuals, families, groups, institutions living a territory. Words that are waiting to be liberated from “it would be nice if …” and translated into daily practice.

Social enterprise

Cultural and organizational challenges generate good work, upgrade the service system taking the point of view of the last of the row, anticipate creatively the models of generative welfare, active citizenship practices and civil liability.


People with different backgrounds, cultures, professional skills innovate social enterprise. Our aim is to overthrow the paralyzing idea of “there is no resources!” to make space for those who have skills, passion, sense of limits, exercising leadership and shared responsibility to create jobs, organizing services, generate innovation and social experimentation.