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“P.A.R.E.N.T.S. – Physical Activity, RElations & Networking, within families Through Sport”

“P.A.RE.N.T.S – Physical Activity, RElations & Networking, within families Through Sport

P.A.RE.N.T.S is a Small Collaborative Partnerships project funded by the 2017 ERASMUS + SPORT programme. The project has started in January 2018 and will end in June 2019, targeting young athletes, children, families, grassroots sport organizations and families associations.


The project main aim is to promote Sport, Health, Solidarity for and with families in Europe by:

  • discovery, initiation, practice of health-enhancing physical activity and family sports, through specific events, to be organized during the European Week of Sport
  • involving parents in the choice, the practice and accompaniment of their children sportive activities, making them known sports movement and the diversity of physical activities: this will promote education through sport, involving also schools.
  • relying on volunteerism to organize the different actions, enhancing and recognizing the significant contribution of volunteers in sport and associations
  • informing and raising awareness in families about health and nutrition, through animations, games, and pedagogical tools
  • proposing sports and activities for disabled or not in the same place for everybody and enhancing sports developing social inclusion: showing that sports are an instrument of cohesion

Main activities

  • Needs Analysis of the existing situation in each country:
  • Definition of a qualitative and quantitative survey of needs and achievements
  • Data collection and interviews to relevant stakeholders about existing expertise and experiences
  • Creation of a shared report
  • P.A.RE.N.T.S Events during the European Week of Sport, September 2018, we organize family / sport / health / solidarity events in the 3 partners countries: France, Spain, Italy

The concept is that families will get together:

  • in different EU cities, in places accessible to everyone
  • to try out many different kind of sports and games, enjoying a healthy day together
  • receive information on prevention, health, family services, solidarity
  • access inter-generational and completely free sport and physical activities

Events will be developed around 4 main areas:

  • The SPORT village: where families will discover, try , practice different kinds of free and accessible sports through grassroots clubs or federations
  • The FAMILY village: gathers all different family and parent associations, offering various games, physical activities, animations and information about their actions and services
  • The SOLIDARITY village: presents various actions by welfare centers, social organizations, nonprofit organizations, associations supporting people, childcare, intergeneration solidarity
  • The HEALTH village: promotes public health-care, good practices and prevention through physical activity, nutrition, hygiene, road safety, domestic accidents, first aid, drug and alcohol prevention, addiction to screens