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2018/2021 “SPIR.NET – Health International Protection Applicants Network”

Protection of the health of applicants for and holders of international protection in vulnerable situations



  • Socio-healthcare Workers
  • Applicants for and holders of international protection in a post-traumatic vulnerable situation with serious mental and health problems


  • Operators of partner Prefectures
  • Operators of the managing bodies of migrant reception structures and projects in the province

General objective

Improve the quality of the care of third-country nationals requesting and holding international protection who are in a condition of post-traumatic vulnerability and with serious psycho-health problems by strengthening the specific skills of service operators and strengthening agreements and cooperation between institutions in the area.

Specific objectives

  1. To strengthen networking and collaboration agreements between key institutions in the area, experimenting with institutional collaboration agreements for more effective coordination of the quality of services dedicated to the target group
  2. To improve the skills and tools to protect and support the social and health personnel and third sector operators involved in the reception services, taking charge and care of the recipients of the project, with particular attention to the recognition of situations of acute discomfort with respect to post-traumatic and socio-psychological disorders related to the migratory path.
  3. To increase, coordinate and homogenize the quality of care and rehabilitation services for the recipients of the project, contributing to the respect and improvement of regional and national guidelines.
  4. To progress the connection and cooperation with the local authorities for the period of post-treatment and re-insertion in the community of the project recipients by proposing low threshold interventions to improve the subsequent opportunities for inclusion
Lead partner:
  • Azienda ULSS 2 Marca trevigiana
  • Azienda ULSS 5 Rovigo
  • Azienda 6 Euganea
  • Azienda ULSS 7 Pedemontana
  • Azienda 9 Scaligera
  • GEA Coop Sociale
  • Prefettura di Vicenza
  • Prefettura di Padova
Supporting entities:
  • Caritas Diakonia Vicenza
  • Comune di Vicenza
  • Federsolidarietà Veneto
  • Prefettura di Verona