About us…

GEA is a non-profit Social Cooperative founded in 2004 in Padua. Its main goal is to promote and support processes of integration and active citizenship of immigrant individuals, families and communities, in particular minors and women, in the area of Veneto region, which has a relevant rate of immigrants.

GEA has developed different experiences and skills in the field of integration and intercultural education, offering different services such as Cultural and Linguistic Mediation, intercultural counselling, projects development and management, support and consulting of migrant associations and groups in their relations with institutions, public and private territorial services. Our main operational tool is the Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, thought as a service that acts in the relations between institutions, services’ operators and immigrants in order to facilitate and promote the understanding of the dynamics triggered by the meeting of different cultural and social backgrounds.

GEA’s staff is composed of members and associates with different professional and personal skills: anthropologists, intercultural integration experts, cultural and linguistic mediators, intercultural counselors, experts in migration law, projects accounting and administrative management.

GEA in numbers…

From 2005 to June 2015 we carried out:

-> 19.200 interventions of C.L.M in social, health and education services

-> 2.500 interventions in different types and levels of schools

-> 2.000 meetings between schools and families

-> 1.000 counselling interventions in schools, social services and child protection services

-> 500 welcoming interventions with newly arrived immigrant students

-> 300 training actions with groups of health and education professionals. More than 1.200 teachers and 1.500 social health workers involved.

-> 60 L2 Italian courses for pupils

-> 25 training paths with families in different schools

-> 20 Italian courses for immigrant women and adults

-> 6 agreements with schools for language support through after-school activities involving volunteers

…and Quality

* Certification of the quality management system CISQUERT for:

1. Planning and supplying of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation services;

2. Social projects writing and management.