End of “P.L.A.Y!” – Peer Education, Leadership, Action, Youth – project

End of “P.L.A.Y!” – Peer Education, Leadership, Action, Youth – project

The PLAY project has come to an end.

Here you can find some final products developed during the implementation of the project.

Handbook of good practices

PLAY – Handbook of mapped good practices 

PLAY Good practices from coaches and teachers

Dissemination video

Play Transnational Sport Camp

YAGs (Young Active Group), volunteer coaches from our local grassroots sport club partner Quadrato Meticcio

Stories of Fair Play with Children 

General objective of the Project

Promoting educational services through grassroots sports, aiming at supporting children/youngsters with low school outcomes, due to migrant background, slight disabilities, low social/educational background…, valorizing volunteering, peer education and mentoring among them.

Methodology used

Non formal training, peer education, mentoring and tutoring among youngsters and adults (athletes, parents, trainers and coaches), development of “multipliers” in order to spread project’s aims. Exchange of good practice for mutual learning, learning by doing.


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Lenght: 36 months (January 2017 – December 2019)