Call: ERASMUS + SPORT – Small Collaborative Partnerships in the sport field

Project Based on activities linked to the creation of a sustainable transnational network, amining at the generation and promotion of good practices on social inclusion of people with disabilities, through and in sport.

General Objective

To encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities for people with physical or intellectual disabilities through and in sport.

Specific Objectives

  • Share of good practices;
  • Promotion of participation of people with disabilities in sport events;
  • Ensuring accessibility and venues to as many people with disabilities as possible;
  • Preventing of isolation, separation and marginalization of people with disabilities.

Main Activities

Management and Coordination

  • Providing financial and administrative management;
  • Ensuring efficient and smooth coordination as well as quality control of all project activities;
  • Securing the realization of the objectives within the foreseen budget;
  • Stimulating and supporting communication among the project partners;
  • Liasing with the EC;
  • Creation and publishing of the fina report;

Organization of international meetings

  • 4 meetings will take place among the partners, with seminaries, networking and sport demonstrations: 11-13 of April in Split (Croatia), 11-13 of June in Trani (Italy), 11-14 of September in Kielce (Poland), 27-29 of September in Padua (Italy). Each organization is supposed to bring 5 participants, among employees, athletes with disabilities, coaches, coordinators, etc

Evaluation and project closure

  • Preparation of an online survey
  • Evaluation report.


  • The Swietkokrzyskie Association (Poland);
  • Sport Association of Deaf Split-Dalmatia County (Croatia)
  • ASD Margherita Sport e Vita (IT)
  • GEA Coop Sociale, substituting Icarus Onlus ASD Volunteer (Italy)
  • Network of Cities With Lakes (Greece)

Duration of the project: 1 year (2019).