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European Youth Engagement Network EYE-Net

European Youth Engagement Network EYE-Net

Programme EUROPE FOR CITIZENS, Sub-programme: Strand2 – Democratic engagement and civic participation, Action: 2.2 – Network of Towns, call for proposal 2018.

Background of the Project

As the future of the EU depends greatly on its young citizens, informing them in regards to its values and history, as well as engaging them in debate over its future is of pivotal importance. Majority of young people across EU, particularly in project’s partner countries and especially those with fewer opportunities, are socio-politically apathetic and passive, and are not well informed about values, problems, programs, policies and institutions of EU. Young people with fewer opportunities are at a disadvantage compared to their peers because they’re facing obstacles that prevents them from having effective access to formal and non-formal education, transnational mobility and European Youth Engagement Network participation, active citizenship, empowerment and inclusion in society. Because of the lack of information and lack of
democratic political culture they are often victims of manipulation.

As the Europe for Citizens program aims at being a tool to enhance the social inclusion, active citizenship and to contribute to social cohesion at large, we want to put special focus and work with these young people with less opportunity as direct and indirect participants of the project. The project partners share attitude that European Citizenship is not geographical but rather political notion of sharing common values of human rights, freedom, tolerance, solidarity, multiculturalism and social justice. In the European year of Cultural Heritage, by this project we want to debate about political heritage of EU, using the youth engaged art as efficient tool.

General aim

Contribute to inform young citizens about the basic values of the EU and capacity building for their solidarity and active participation in the creation of its future in EU.

Specific objectives

  • Increased number of young people informed about the values of EU and actively engaged in discussion over the
    future of EU, especially those who are socio-politically passive and have fewer opportunities;
  • Development of community theatre as efficient tool for political engagement public campaign and social debate
    among young citizens.
  • Creation of sustainable network of towns for exchange of engaged artistic practices of young people and youth
    workers and for building solidarity among young people through intercultural learning and networking at local and
    European level.


Main activities of the project will be productions and play of 5 performances on different topics of EU relevance.
Performances would have maximum 5 actors who are not professional actors, but rather young activist volunteers.
Duration of every performance would be 60 minutes maximum, with small and mobile equipment. Performances
would be conceived to be independent of any technical or scenic conditions, so that they can be played in any possible
The themes of 5 performances will be:
1. Solidarity in crisis
2. Refugee crisis
3. Euroscepticism
4. Anti-fascist tradition of EU
5. Women’s rights
FESTIVALS in Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia, Hungary (middle of 2019, April-October).

During the festivals, the performance from each partner country would be played 2 times on 2 locations. After every performance, a debate
between actors and audience would be organized to discuss the presented topics. Plays would be performed at schools,
faculties, streets and town squares.
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE in Serbia (December 2019) on the topic of socio-politically engaged culture for young people.


Each festival will encompass 5 diverse performances, each played twice, 10 performances in total. During each
performance, expected estimated number of audience members is 200, primarily young people from diverse social
groups. That estimates around 2000 participants per each festival activity, 10000 indirect participants for all 5
LICEULICE will print one monthly issue of their magazine that will be especially dedicated to „Youth engaged culture“ and will be printed in 10000 copies with 40 pages, and distributed through Western Balkans network.
Important dissemination will be organized through production of professional documentary film about the whole project in duration of about 90 minutes. Doc. film would encompass the production process of all 5 performances, presentation of topics and themes, statements and stories of direct participants, performing the plays and debates in all countries, impressions of audiences from different groups about performances and topics, as well as introduction of wider socio-political context. It will be presented on local, regional and European festivals of documentary films and some TV networks.

Applicant organisation

Fondacija Novi Sad 2021- Evropska prestonica kulture, Novi Sad, Serbia

Partner organisations

Kulturno umetnisko drustvo Moment, Maribor, Slovenia
Mestna obcina Novo mesto, Novo mesto, Slovenia
Mladinski kulturni center Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
Municipality of Sremski Karlovci, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia
Udruga CEKER – Centar kreativnog razvoja, Varazdin, Croatia
Rijeka 2020 d.o.o., Rijeka, Croatia
Montazstroj, Zagreb, Croatia
Trupa „Drz ne daj“, Novi Sad, Serbia
LICEULICE, Belgrade, Serbia
Dom kulture “Studentski grad”, Belgrade, Serbia
P.E.S.(Parlamento Europeo degli studenti), Padova, Italy
Kerekasztal Társulás, Szada, Hungary
Apollo Kulturális Egyesület, Pécs, Hungary

The project will last for 16 months, from 01/09/2018 to 31/12/2019