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New European Citizens: international meeting in Granada

On the 17-19 February 2016 in Granada, GEA participated to the first international meeting of the project “New European Citizens- lights and shadows of the European Union’s future through the eyes of the present and future young citizens” funded by the program Europe for Citizens, during which youngsters aged between 16 and 30 from 9 European countries met to discuss various issues relating to European citizenship.

Youth delegations presentated the national researches on democratic and civic participation of youngsters. That was a starting point to share the main common features and issues emerged at EU level, focusing on the common anti-EU topics and positive points, opportunities and achievements of the Union that they see as point of strength for the future of Europe.

During the meeting, participants were involved in several discussion and debates on knowledge of the European institutions, political and civic participation of youngsters in Europe, citizenship rights and access to citizenship for 2nd generation immigrants: the discussions led to a proposal made by each group on the future of Europe, improving EU knowledge and active participation of European youth, access to citizenship rights. Proposals were shared between all groups.

The last activity was the simulation of EU political elections: groups were considered as “parties” that chose a representative and defined an election programme, that was presented to the audience. After that, each participant voted for the best programme and 2 representatives of the winning party were elected.

Next meeting will focus on the topic of euroscepticism and how to deal with it and it will be held in Tirana on 22 – 24 May 2016. Youngsters from Padua, supported by GEA, are already preparing for the event through research and interviews with representatives of eurosceptic groups.

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