“P.L.A.Y!” – Peer Education, Leadership, Action, Youth –

“P.L.A.Y!” – Peer education, Leadership, Action, Youth

Promoting grassroots sports for educational success and social inclusion


Volunteers (parents, relatives and sport amateurs) traditionally contribute to foster the social and economic value of sport, particularly at the grassroots level, as coaches, trainers and supports. This important contribution is often limited to organizational points of view, while volunteers educational and social skills could offer an important enrichment of grassroots sports contribution in young athletes personal and professional development.

Spreading awareness..

Spreading awareness among young athletes and their families about the importance of grassroots sport in transmitting values of educational inclusion and volunteering is very important in order to valorize and strengthen sport social and educational impact among youngsters. The project  aims at exploring this innovative filed, by comparing different European practices and find common evaluation indicators and guide lines in order to prove this positive link between grassroots sport volunteering and education field.

General objective of the Project

Promoting educational services through grassroots sports, aiming at supporting children/youngsters with low school outcomes, due to migrant background, slight disabilities, low social/educational background…, valorizing volunteering, peer education and mentoring among them.

Specific objectives

  • strengthen social and educational skills of coaches and managers of grassroots sport organizations in the educational field
  • strengthen young athletes skills and attitude as mentors and peer educators in order to support their peers with low educational outcomes and difficulties of school and social inclusion
  • foster parents awareness about the value of sport activities as a mean to build and strengthen social relations among young athletes and support each others, stressing a positive idea of competition and team spirit, respect, education and healthy living in their daily lives
  • promote and foster European networking, exchange of good practices and synergies between youth grassroots sports organizations and the field of education

Methodology used

Non formal training, peer education, mentoring and tutoring among youngsters and adults (athletes, parents, trainers and coaches), development of “multipliers” in order to spread project’s aims. Exchange of good practice for mutual learning, learning by doing.

Main Activities carried out:

  • Analysis and mapping of good practices
  • Management and Monitoring
  • Training paths for target groups
  • Evaluation and assessment
  • Dissemination and sustainability


  • Young athletes (6-30) of grassroots sport organizations and their families
  • Trainers and management staff of grassroots sport organizations
  • Educational institutions staff
  • Amatorial athletes


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Lenght: 36 months (January 2017 – December 2019)