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Approval resolution n.390 02.08.2010 EIF, Ministry of the Interior – Department of Immigration and Civil Liberties

Short description

GEA has designed and is partner of an annual intervention aimed at structuring, improving and promoting Cultural Mediation professional services in order to improve the quality of social and health services of the A. Ulss 6 of Vicenza and of A. Ulss 15 Alta Padovana.

The project aims in particular, at developing and promoting a shared model of CLM service in social and health fields, supporting and facilitating the social and health workers and foreign users, in particular women and children, in the correct understanding and access to the healthcare services, strengthening the specific skills of Cultural mediators in promoting the information and knowledge of services among women and foreign communities.

Main activities: improving of the organization of the CLM service, delivering hours of CLM, training for socio-health service workers and mediators as “health promoters”, implementation of communication and self-orientation activities with women and migrant communities, validation of CLM model in the healthcare system and strengthening of the local network.


Ministry of the Interior– Department of Civil Liberties and immigration, European Integration Fund, call 2009, Action n. 4 “Cultural Mediation”.


Immigrant Women and Children

Cultural Linguistic Mediators and social health workers of Ulss 6 and Ulss 15




02 august 2010 – 30 June 2011