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Subsidy convention PROG-105476, Ministry of the interior – civil liberty and immigration Department. FEI – 2013 – action 1

Brief descript

GEA supported the association “Percorsi Solidali” in project planning and management., The main aim of the project is to encourage immigrant adults to learn the Italian language, with particular attention to the newly arrived and women with poor educational background in their mother tongue. After a first mapping phase of the Italian language as L2 educational offer and research/action on linguistic skills and vulnerabilities, this project provides primary literacy courses, the promotion of Italian speaker tutors networks for the realization of education paths through formal and informal tools, reinforcing the linguistic education governance in Alta Padovana and actions aimed at promoting awareness and motivation to participate to the courses. The project also produced guidelines for the validation of the preparatory materials for learning the Italian language as L2 (“Second Language”). Leading partner: School of Camposampiero (PD), partner I.C. of Borgoricco (PD) and Association “percorsi solidali”.



Ministry of the Interior– Civil Liberty and Immigration Department, European Integration fund 2007-2013


Foreign adults regularly resident and CTP/schools of Alta Padovana area


Technical support for the project partner association “Percorsi Solidali”


June 2014 – June 2015