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European Fund for Return 2008 – 2013

Public protocol. n° 7973 of 02/07/2014

Brief description

GEA has been appointed as territorial coordinator and referent for the national help desk of Italian network for assisted voluntary return of foreign citizens, providing information, phone call/web orientations, in coordination with local “antenna” and territorial offices of the government.

In 5 years of interventions, RIRVA has built a national “REFERRAL SYSTEM” on voluntary return, able to inform, train and give advice to operators involved in the realization of the measure, supporting migrants requests with significant results (last year: over 60.000 inter-institutional operators involved in the measure, over 1200 calls to the help desk; 1300 participants at the 18 territorial awareness sessions; over 70% of the requests were carried out by network RIRVA)

With the resources made available by the return fund it was also possible to include in the territorial network 14 regional/supra-regional focal points, which helped to increase the impact and the efficacy on the local level, advising through migrants and operators involved in the measure implementation.


Ministry of the Interior, Civil Liberty and Immigration Department


Migrants with return projects, migrants associations, social health services operators




2010- 2015