Formal references

FEI/PROG.104846, European Fund for Integration – 2013 – Action 10

Brief description

The aim of the project is to strengthen, systemize and promote the exchange of skills, sustainable instruments and good practices gained from the experience and from the development of a network between social health services, scholastic system and local community, in the field of the integration of foreign minors and families.

The specific goals of the project carried out by GEA and the international partnership are:

1. Analysing current intervention models identifying verifiable efficacy and efficiency indicators, in relation of the experiences of social health services, school and third sector in the reception and social integration practices for immigrant minors

2. Analysing and comparing, at a European level, politics of integration and collaboration between educational and social health services to support and take care of foreign minors and families in disadvantaged and vulnerability situation;

3. Promoting spaces of confrontation, training and exchange at European level on different models and good procedures on reception, educational, social and health integration of immigrant minors and families.

4. Providing directions to the most relevant stakeholders for the development of multi-level policies related to socio-educational integration of foreign children and families.


* Mapping and analysing models of intervention currently active on the territory

* 5 Focus Groups for operators, 9 Focus Groups for users and analysis of the data observed

* Exchange Travels on good practices in Germany (Cologne), Spain (Barcelona), Portugal (Porto)

* Production of final benchmarking documents on the qualitative evaluation of analysed models, strengths and weaknesses, final conclusions with indications about improvement for future works.

* Transnational final seminary for the dissemination of the results


Ministry of the Interior – Civil liberties and Immigration Department


Socio-health services third sector operators, teachers, educational institutionsRuolo




September 2014-June 2015