Formal references

Program: Europe for Citizenship 2014-2020, stand 2 – Democratic engagement and civic participation

Brief description

The project aims at developing an active dialogue and comparison on EU future development and citizenship rights between youngsters born or grown up in the EU countries involved by the project, both with and without EU citizenship, and a new candidate State (Albania). As a matter of fact, the main focus of the project is to analyze and spread the perception of these youngsters (especially 2nd generations), coming from different social and cultural backgrounds, about actual EU and future development, as well as their citizenship rights and their effective participation to democratic life in increasingly multicultural societies.

Thus, the project main objectives are: developing a comparable and repeatable action research carried out by youngsters who already enjoy full citizenship rights and those excluded for now (“2nd generations” and candidate countries youngsters) about their perception of actual EU shape and future development, analyzing and tackling by their own perspective the anti-EU movements growing in their countries; promoting an active and intercultural confrontation between youngsters of “2nd generations” and those that already enjoy EU citizenship, but often show a low effective participation and knowledge of EU democratic life, especially analyzing youth participation in the recent EU Parliament elections and vote’s outcomes; fostering youngsters capabilities in order to become active promoters of awareness and knowledge about active participation and citizenship among their peers by focusing on positive achievements of EU and designing further possible positive evolutions and benefits for young citizens; promoting the debate about EU future among youth of a new candidate country (Albania) and member countries.


European Commission – EACEA


Young 16-30 years




September 2015-march 2016