Our projects

Since 2008, we designed and/or managed:

* 5 projects funded by the European Integration Fund

* 4 projects funded by the European Return Fund

* 3 projects funded by the EU LifeLong Learning programme

* 1 project funded by the EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme

* 4 Veneto Region Projects

* 2 projects funded by individual donors

* 1 project funded by the Italian Department of Equal Opportunities

* 2 Agreements for telephone linguistic mediation with the ULSS

* 2 Agreements with the Regional School Office and the related Government Territorial Offices

Social Health Field


* Cultural and Linguistic Mediation Service A.U.L.S.S. n. 15 “Alta Padovana”

* Cultural and Linguistic Mediation Service A.U.L.S.S. n. 6 Vicenza.


* Workshop project “Mattone Internazionale”

* Administrative service management of Laboratory tests acceptance at the district office in San Maritno di Lupari – A.U.L.S.S. n.15 “Alta Padovana”.

* Project 2009/FEI/PROG.2349 “Health without Borders”.

* Corporate training project “Health care in a Multicultural context” for A.U.L.S.S. n.15 “Alta Padovana”

* International training Program “Multiculturalism with Foreign citizens



* Project “InterVOL – Paths of Intergenerational Volunteering


* Project “A language to grow together – strategies to facilitate access to language training services in suburban areas

* TOGETHER! Support and extracurricular participation for foreign young people and families

* Project 2010/FEI/PROG.740 “F.A.R.E. – Families, Students, Networks – TOGETHER

* Regional initiative program and actions on immigration. Area of implementation: “Social integration and school”- since 2004, ongoing.

* Project “Paths of School Integration- New Generations”.

* Project “STOP & GO” – Information, Orientation and Tutoring for adults. from 2005 to 2010.

Citizenship Rights


* The New Europeans – lights and shadows of the European Union’s future through the eyes of the present and future young citizens.


* Project “INVISIBLE SIGNS” – Knowledge and actions for the prevention and contrast of Female Genital Mutilation in Italy.

* Project “Otherwise Different” – Fight against racism, xenophobia and anti-semitism. Call for Proposal JLS/FRC/2007 Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Program.

* Project “RIRVA” and “NIRVA” Italian network for assisted voluntary return.



* “Sh.A.R.E. – Sharing Acceptance’s Results and Experiences – reception and integration practise of children and families in the school and in social health services”.


* Familles dans le Changement. Le bien-étre par l’éducation à la citoyennetè des migrants. European Partnership of Grundtvig learning abilities.

* Training for tutors and teachers “Education to interculturalism”.