Main services

* Development, design and management of Linguistic and Cultural Mediation services for hospitals, social-health services, schools and educational services, public administrations;

* Development, writing and management of local, national and European projects;

* Training for social-health operators, teachers and education system staff;

* Consulting and support for start up and promotion of migrants mutual self-help groups;

* Intercultural counseling supporting and consulting public services operators for taking in charge immigrant children and families with disabilities or vulnerable situations.

Our Catalogue of good practises

The catalogue collects devices and actions to promote processes of inclusion and social cohesion, developing networks and services in local communities.

Main services offered by our catalogue:

* Advice of social planning

* Mediation services

* Training

* Support activities for schools

* Accompany parents in a multicultural school

* Learn Italian as a second language

* Education through travelling