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SUE “Step Up Equality” Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership

SUE “Step Up Equality”

Erasmus + SPORT Collaborative Partnerships 2018 (EACEA)

Women and girls in Europe do not yet practise sport on the same level as men, nor do they participate in the full range of sports proposals. Many sports are considered to be typically ‘masculine’ and therefore less appropriate for women. Moreover, women’s power to influence and make decisions in sport remains limited. Gea Cooperativa Sociale (IT) through the project Europepo SUE – STEP UP EQUALITY, is identifying the most relevant difficulties and obstacles for women in accessing positions of coaches and managers in grassroots sport in Europe.

If you are athlete or a sports leader…

If you are athlete or a sports leader interested in contributing to this analysis, you can participate to the following questionnaire.

The response to the questionnaire does not take more than 15 minutes.

If you would like to learn more about our project and participate in other planned activities, do not hesitate to contact us.

General objective

Promote gender equality and challenge gender based discrimination in grassroots sport across Europe through the cooperation and the exchange of best practices and expertise between different sports.

Specific objectives

  1. Strengthen the specific skills of women currently active within grassroots sport organizations to navigate and challenge existing norms and structures and increase their influence and presence as trainers, coaches and managers and their visibility and appropriate coverage in media
  2. Increase awareness and mainstreaming of gender equality in sport, spreading examples of female leadership in sport and reducing gender stereotypes and other barriers that exclude women from leadership roles, producing impact and change from the grassroots level
  3. Promote public sport initiatives and events to increase opportunities for engagement in sport activities of women from disadvantaged groups, promoting an exchange of skills, experiences and inspiration between women in sport
  4. Prepare, test and promote an European system to report gender discrimination in grassroots sport
  5. Increase networking and cooperation between women in coaching and leadership positions from mainstream sports (e.g. football and volleyball) and emerging sports (e.g. roller derby) in Europe

Main Phases

  1. Management and Monitoring
  2. Analysis of main challenges, mapping of initiatives and preparation of training paths
  3. Training paths for target groups: creating an European training framework to promote and facilitate women’s role as coaches and managers and multipliers in promoting equal opportunities in sport
  4. Pilot action: promote grassroots sport as a means to increase participation and advance roles of women from disadvantaged groups in sport activities and highlight gender based discrimination in grassroots sport
  5. Evaluation and Assessment of the impact of Training and Pilot Action
  6. Communication and Dissemination

Main aspects of innovation

  • Exchange between mainstream sport (as football) and less mainstream sports: roller derby, there are no projects focused on this sport over the last years; lessons learned and improvements among teams and organizations
  • Gender dimension: improve coaches skills to reach professional and managerial level starting from grassroots sport, which is connectable also to wider impact on social inclusion and equal opportunities


  • Women that practice different sports
  • Trainers and managers of grassroots sport organizations

Impact also on disadvantaged categories (disabled, asylum seekers…)


  1. Girls in Sport (Sweden) – applicant
  2. WOMEN WIN (The Netherlands)
  3. Fare network (UK)
  5. ASSIST– Associazione Nazionale Atlete (IT)
  6. Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Demokracji W Sporcie – Association Democracy in Sport (PL)
  7. Fußball und Begegnung e.V./DISCOVER FOOTBALL (DE)

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Lenght of the project: 36 months (January 2018 – December 2021)